Turbidity Sensor Module

Turbidity Sensor Module

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Turbidity Sensors from Tomson Electronics, Kochi, Kerala, India, measures the number of suspended particles, or turbidity, in the wash water of washing machines and dishwashers. The 165D6042P003 measures temperature as well as turbidity. By detecting the amount of soil in the water, appliances can conserve energy by only washing as long as necessary. This can be easily integrated with microcontrollers like Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Rated Voltage - DC 5V (between No #1 & Ground)
Voltage Differential - 3.0V ± 10%
Test Method - After testing voltage in water (0 NTU),
voltage test in water (4000 NTU)
(Turbidity level Calibration -> Master NTU standard liquid )
(Voltage between No #2 pin & Ground)
Operating Temperature Range - -10°C ~ 90°C
Storage Temperature Range - -20°C~ 90°C
Rated Current - Max. 30 mA
Insulation Resistance - Min 100 MO by 500V DC