What we do?

Since 1988, we sell electronics & electromechanical components to aggrandize DIY CULTURE & ROBOTICS in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala, India.


What we really do?

With thorough knowledge in this field, we can communicate with our consumers, answer their queries and give them excellent choices for their purchase. In the end, happy purchase every time.


What we really really do?

As a passionate tech geek we browse domestic and international markets to find best quality components and reach you with meaningful offers and deals. Our team has DIY enthusiasts who pass their knowledge through blogs, vlogs and tutorials to flourish the DIY community. The efforts of our packing and delivery team make the hyper delivery possible throughout India. In short we employ a mix business tactics and customer service to remain top in our market.

Our Vision

In the industrial 4.0 we are putting together our tech knowledge and Tomson Electonics to promote DIY culture and Robotics. We are committed to supply the perfect range of active and passive components, semiconductors, electronic, electrical, electromechanical components etc. , which help India achieve its “Made in India” dream.

Our history

The journey to become the best electronic supplier throughout India started in 1988. We started in Cochin as a wholesale store. As Internet arose, we could spread out our distribution from Cochin in all of India. The most actionable Tomson Electronics website started giving the experience of a broad range of products at competitive prices with the hyper delivery system.

Grow with us

If you are as fascinated as us in Robotics, join our DIY community. Our DIY enthusiasts pass their knowledge through blogs, vlogs and tutorials. Also see career options for more.

Ask us

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