Soldering is the process of making the electrical and mechanical connections between two metal surfaces with the help of a metal called Solder. Soldering iron is used to melt the solder. Soldering irons are used for hand soldering, it is the process of making one solder connection at a time. Soldering plays an important part in the assembly of electronics components to your PCB. Soldering irons are mainly classified based on their power rating, this is the primary parameter you need to verify before purchasing the iron. If the power is very large it will burn the components and damage the PCB, if the power is too low it will not melt the solder. 

A soldering pot is a tool that is used for soldering and desoldering electronics components in PCB. This is a useful tool for people who are actively into PCB assembly and repair.

Basic Soldering Kit - 25W Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Stand, Soldering Tips, Soldering Wire / Lead, Flux, Desoldering Pump, Desoldering Wick, Wire Stripper & Nipper Cutter, Safety Glasses, Tweezers, and Prototyping PCB

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