L14G2 - Phototransistor
L14G2 - Phototransistor
L14G2 - Phototransistor

L14G2 - Phototransistor

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A type of NPN transistor based photodiode with a view angle of 10 degree, converts light energy into electric energy by capturing the light and exposing it to the photodiode enclosed inside the metal can package. The sensor may have small lens on the top for focusing the maximum amount of light on to the photo diode. The sensor generates voltage output corresponding to the exposed ambient light. The photo diode is a bipolar type transistor with transparent casing so that the base of the transistor junction may receive photons, which gets convert into flow of electrons. These photo sensors are typically used in application like colour sensing, proximity detection, light/dark sensing and commonly used in robotics application.


Transistor Polarity NPN
Wavelength Typ 940nm
Power Consumption 300mW
Viewing Angle 10°
Current Ic Typ. 1 mA
Fall Time tf 5µs
No. of pins 3
Half Angle 15°
Nom Sensitivity @ mW/cm² 1 mA @ 500µW / cm²
Operating Temperature Range -65°C to +125°C
Package / Case TO-18
Peak Spectral Response Wavelength 850nm
Transistor Type Photo
Voltage 10 volt DC
Pin spacing 2.54 mm
Application Colour sensing
Dark and light sensing
Proximity detection