Heart Beat Sensor
Heart Beat Sensor
Heart Beat Sensor
Heart Beat Sensor
Heart Beat Sensor

Heart Beat Sensor

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This component is ideally suited to adding heartbeat sensing to your project. This detection module combines a phototransistor and IR LED, which when a finger is placed between will provide a varying signal. Reading this analog signal you can interpret a change in signal as a heartbeat. As a simple module it will suit use within a large range of projects based on microcontrollers such as Arduino boards and the Raspberry Pi. The module has a M2 mounting hole allowing for its easy attachment to a multitude of surfaces. Pin Description S Analog output 3 to 5V DC Input - Ground

Heart beat sensor is designed to give digital output of heat beat when a finger is placed on it. When the heart beat detector is working, the beat LED flashes in unison with each heart beat. This digital output can be connected to microcontroller directly to measure the Beats Per Minute (BPM) rate. It works on the principle of light modulation by blood flow through finger at each pulse.
For further information please refer to its datasheet.


  • Microcontroller based SMD design
  • Heat beat indication by LED
  • Instant output digital signal for directly connecting to microcontroller
  • Compact Size
  • Working Voltage +5V DC

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