Float Sensor
Float Sensor
Float Sensor

Float Sensor

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A float sensor is a device used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. The switch may be used in a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other devices. Magnetic float sensor is an electromagnetic ON/OFF switch. It helps to sense the level of water present in the overhead tank or sump. These sensors have a permanent magnet in the float. The Switch is present in the white stem of the sensor. As the float rises or falls with the level of water in the tank, the switch gets activated by the magnet in the float, thereby the signal which is obtained from the sensors is used along with the water level controllers for controlling the motor pump.


  • Float Ball Size: 18 x 16mm(D*H).
  • Screw Thread Diameter: 7.5mm/0.3"
  • Washered Nut Diameter: 12.5mm/0.49".
  • Retaining Clip Diameter: 13mm/0.5"
  • Max Contact Rating: 10W
  • Max Switch Voltage: 100V DC
  • Max Switch Current: 0.5A. 
  • Max Breakdown Voltage: 220V
  • DC. Max Carry Current: 1.0A.
  • Max Contact Resistance: 100m?
  • Temperature Rating: -10 ~ 85 Degree
  • Float Ball Material: P.P. Float
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Body Total Length: 45mm/1.8"


Float Sensor