ADXL 335 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer

ADXL 335 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer

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The ADXL 335, 3-axis accelerometer, now has an onboard 3.3V regulator - making it a perfect sensor module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and similar Microcontrollers. This breakout comes with 3 analog outputs for X, Y and Z axis breakout board. The ADXL335 is the latest and greatest from Analog Devices, known for their exceptional quality MEMS devices and applications in Robotics is now available at Tomson Electronics, Kochi, Kerala, India.

The VCC takes up to 5V in and regulates it to 3.3V with an output pin.
The analog outputs are ratiometric: that means that 0g measurement output is always at half of the 3.3V output (1.65V), -3g is at 0v and 3g is at 3.3V with full scaling in between.

Fully assembled and tested. The XYZ filter capacitors are 0.1uF for a 50 Hz bandwidth.


The Code for integrating an ADXL 335 with an Arduino is below,



Reads an ADXL3xx accelerometer sensor module and communicates the
acceleration to the computer. The pins used are designed to be easily
compatible with the breakout boards from Tomson Electronics, available from:

The circuit:
analog 0: accelerometer self test
analog 1: z-axis
analog 2: y-axis
analog 3: x-axis
analog 4: ground
analog 5: vcc


// these constants describe the pins. They won't change:
const int groundpin = 18; // analog input pin 4 -- ground
const int powerpin = 19; // analog input pin 5 -- voltage
const int xpin = A3; // x-axis of the accelerometer
const int ypin = A2; // y-axis
const int zpin = A1; // z-axis (only on 3-axis models)

void setup()
// initialize the serial communications:

// Provide ground and power by using the analog inputs as normal
// digital pins. This makes it possible to directly connect the
// breakout board to the Arduino. If you use the normal 5V and
// GND pins on the Arduino, you can remove these lines.
pinMode(groundpin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(powerpin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(groundpin, LOW);
digitalWrite(powerpin, HIGH);

void loop()
// print the sensor values:
// print a tab between values:
// print a tab between values:
// delay before next reading:


3-axis sensing Small,
low-profile package 4 mm × 4 mm × 1.45 mm LFCSP
Low power - 350 μA (typical)
Single-supply operation 1.8 V to 3.6 V
0,000 g shock survival
Excellent temperature stability
BW adjustment with a single capacitor per axis

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