150 Rpm Rectangle Single Shaft Plastic Gear Bo Motor

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A DC Geared DC motor is a simple DC motor with gear box attached to the shaft of the motor which is mechanically com-mutated electric motor powered from direct current (DC).

Single Shaft Plastic Gear Motor – BO-2 series gives good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages, which is the biggest advantage of these motors. Small shaft with matching wheels give optimized design for your application or robot. Mounting holes on the body & light weight makes it suitable for in-circuit placement.


  • Shaft length: 7mm
  • Size: 55x48x23 mm
  • Operating Voltage – 3 to 12v
  • Current (without loading) – 40-180mA,
  • RPM: 150 rpm
  • Output Torque – 0.8 kgcm
  • Weight – 30g


  • DIY Projects.
  • Battery-operated toys.
  • Disk drives Steel rolling mills Paper.
  • Machines Medical equipment.
  • Radio-controlled aircraft.
  • Automobiles Drive systems Positioning.
  • Industrial and consumer actuators Winches Robotics Mixers.
  • Robotic projects


150 Rpm Rectangle Single Shaft Plastic Gear Bo Motor

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