Solenoid - 12V (Small)(0420S)
Solenoid - 12V (Small)(0420S)
Solenoid - 12V (Small)(0420S)

Solenoid - 12V (Small)(0420S)

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Solenoids are a great way to induce linear motion for pushing, pulling or controlling switches and levers. This smaller solenoid is designed to work directly with 12V which makes it a great match for embedded projects. It has a throw of about 4.5mm and 2 M2 mounting holes on the body.


  • Size: 11*12mm; Length: 20.3mm
  • Voltage:DC3V80mA;6V170mA;9V 260mA; 12V 350mA
  • Resistance: 32.8ohms
  • Weight: 12g
  • Package: 1 x Solenoid Electromagnet
  • Product description
  • 3V-12V micro miniature DC electromagnet push and pull a small electromagnet 
  • Electromagnet specifications:11*12 MM 
  • Length: 20.3MM 
  • Weight: 12 g 
  • Voltage: DC 3V current: 0.08A 
  • Voltage: 6 V current: 0.17 A 
  • Voltage: 9 V current: 0.26 A 
  • Voltage: 12V current: 0.35 A 
  • Internal resistance: 32.8 ohms


Solenoid - 12V (Small)(0420S),solenoid