PIC Development Board

PIC Development Board

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PIC development Board can be used to evaluate and demonstrate the capabilities of Microchip PIC series micro-controller. It is a great way to start working with latest range of micro-controllers the PIC series. The board is ideal for experimenters or as a main CPU board for a more advanced digital system. The MCU socket on board provides support for 40 pin DIP package of PIC16F778A controller. The board is designed for general purpose applications and includes a variety of hardware to exercise micro-controller peripherals. It is a fantastic tool for code debugging, development and prototyping. The all new board design have made it much more user-friendly than its predecessors, ideally suitable for training and development purposes. The components used in this board are of high quality and the PCB is high quality PCB, which makes this board especially durable. When you start using the EnGeniusLab Development Board you will find it to be one of the best development tool available for Microchip PIC controller

Compact and Ready to use design & Professional High Quality Glass PCB Layout Design for Noise Reduction with Board Supports AVR ATMEGA16, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA8535 Microcontrollers
On board Two Line LCD Display (2x16) , Two multiplexed 7-Segment LED Display, Built in Switches (8 keys), Built in 8 LED Interface to test I/O, On Board External Interrupt and Reset buttons, Built in Potentiometer interface to ADC, Temperature Sensor Interface (LM35), Bluetooth Interface (HC-05), Buzzer
All Port 35 Pins are Breakout Pins are available at male bugs Connector which can be used as main board for developing applications
Screw terminal for External power Supply (with Jumper Select Option) & External Power Supply range of 7V to 20V with 7805 on board for Internal +5v Sup