PH Sensor Kit
PH Sensor Kit
PH Sensor Kit

PH Sensor Kit

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This is an Analog PH Meter kit with industrial real-time online electrode, specially designed for Arduino and other microcontrollers , it uses an industry electrode and has built in simple convenient,practical connection and long life  up to 1 year, which make it very suitable for long-term online monitoring , To use it just connect the PH sensor with BND connector, then plug the pH interface into the analog input port of any microcontroller, if programmed you will get the pH value easily 


  • Module Power: DC 9.00V 1A
  • Measuring Range : 0 - 14PH
  • Accuracy (+ or -) 0.1PH ( 24 C)
  • Response time < 1 min
  • Industry PH electrode with BNC Connector 
  • PH interface (2-foot patch )
  • Power indicator LED 
  • Output Analog values in the range of ( 0.5v to 3v)
  • alkali error: 0.2PH
  • Internal Resistance 250MO
  • Response time < 1 min
  • Operating Temperature 0-60c
  • Terminal Blocks BNC plug 
  • BNC connector suitable for most PH meter and controller 
  • suitable for wide range of application aquariums, Hydroponics, Laboratory etc
  • Calibrate values are 24C room temperature 
  • PH4 =1.5v
  • PH7=2.2v
  • PH9=1.0v

Note : 

This instrument calibrate for the ph sensor provided along with this kit and may not give accurate results if the pH sensor probe is changed hence calibration is required if the pH sensor probe is changed

Results are directly proportional to the temperature of the solution 

pH sensor probe tube tip is very sensitive and should not be touched with hands and should not place on the ground and the bulb should not be touched with hands kept in the storage solution if not used.


PH Sensor Kit