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Like it or not, the future belongs to Robots

Like it or not, the future belongs to Robots


From Manav, the Indian robot to Sophia the humanoid robot, who was recently granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia, robots are no longer simply a part of sci-fi movies. Robotics will usher in a future where humans will no longer be required to do everyday mundane tasks.

The robots of today are designed to make things a lot easier for us as they will be our future chefs, soldiers, surgeons, companions and what not. Furthermore, robotics promises to solve some of our real-world problems including energy production, agriculture, pollution control, enhanced medical facilities etc.

With its seemingly endless possibilities, countries across the world are looking up to robots, despite a plausible robotic catastrophe and perils resulting from unemployment still looming in the minds of humans.

As an emerging industry in India, robotics has been successful in grabbing the attention of entrepreneurs, businesses and students alike.

Numerous bot enthusiasts across the nation are exploring the opportunities offered by robotics. This has led to the sprouting of innovative robotic companies, which are not only concentrated in leading metros but also in fast developing cities like Kochi, Surat, Chandigarh and many more.

Talking about the Queen of Arabian Sea, Robotics in Kochi is a thriving industry with companies equipped to meet diverse enterprise needs both in terms of components/hardware as well as supporting software through robotic applications.

In addition, there are a plethora of training institutions - offering workshops, training programs and seminars regarding Robotics in Kochi in order to train working professionals and students with a wide spectrum of learning needs.

If we are to look into the future, robots are going to be ubiquitous and will become an integral part of our everyday life. Warehouse robots, chatbots, bots carrying out household chores, hazardous works is a reality today and in all likelihood will herald a future wherein robots and humans will co-exist as part of a common ecosystem.

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