Sound Sensor

Sound Sensor

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This is a multipurpose sound sensor which can be used to sense sound and audio. The sensor provides a digital output when the measured sound increases beyond a set threshold. This threshold level can be adjusted using an onboard potentiometer. The sensor outputs a logic one(+5V) at the digital output when it detects sound and a logic zero(0V) when there is no sound detected. An onboard LED is used to indicate the output status. This digital output can be directly connected to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, PIC, 8051 or any other microcontroller to read the sensor output.


Copy this code to your Arduino to read signals from a Sound Sensor Module.

Arduino Code

//Arduino Sound Detection Sensor Module

int soundDetectedPin = 10; // Use Pin 10 as our Input
int soundDetectedVal = HIGH; // This is where we record our Sound Measurement
boolean bAlarm = false;

unsigned long lastSoundDetectTime; // Record the time that we measured a sound

int soundAlarmTime = 500; // Number of milli seconds to keep the sound alarm high

void setup ()
pinMode (soundDetectedPin, INPUT) ; // input from the Sound Detection Module
void loop ()
soundDetectedVal = digitalRead (soundDetectedPin) ; // read the sound alarm time

if (soundDetectedVal == LOW) // If we hear a sound
lastSoundDetectTime = millis(); // record the time of the sound alarm
// The following is so you don't scroll on the output screen
if (!bAlarm)

Serial.println("LOUD, LOUD");
bAlarm = true;
if( (millis()-lastSoundDetectTime) > soundAlarmTime && bAlarm)

bAlarm = false;

Input Voltage: 5V DC
Comes with an easy to use digital output
Main chip: LM393
Working voltage: DC 4 ~ 6V
Single digital signal output.
Effective signal output for low level
Default output is low and is high only when sound is detected
Can be used for a sonic lamp, with photosensitive sensors act as sound and light alarm, also can be used in the occasion of voice control and sound detection.