YHY502 MIFARE-RFID Read-Write Module
YHY502 MIFARE-RFID Read-Write Module
YHY502 MIFARE-RFID Read-Write Module

YHY502 MIFARE-RFID Read-Write Module

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Want to Read as well as write in RFID tags? Well, then this is a perfect RFID reader-writer Module for 13.56Mhz RFID Tags. This Module can easily communicate with your micro-controller using simple serial communication.

YHY502CTG is a compact 13.56MHz RFID Read-Write module designed for ISO14443A standard and supports Mifare® Classic 1K, Mifare® Classic 4K transponders. It is controlled by external device over UART with simple protocols defined in this sheet. YHY502CTG can be easily and quickly integrated into RFID applications with very less effort.

Mifare® Classic is a secure memory (1Kbyte, 4KByte) chip/card often called contact-less smart card. The reason it is called smartcard is that it has increment and decrement functions designed for especially payment systems. Mifare® Classic family of tags is being used in RFID applications where very high security and fast data collection systems are required. This family of tags has contactless communication speed up to 106 KHz and uses very strong encryption techniques. If the user wants to copy or modify the content of the Mifare®Classic family of tags then he needs the correct key(s) when it is protected. As a result, Mifare® become ideal for e-money applications, secure access, data storage and fast data collection systems. Not only limited with these applications but printed antenna technology makes possible to find very thin and low-cost Mifare® tags (e.g. labels, stickers) so that extending the field of RFID applications.


  • Complete Read/Write module with built-in transceiver antenna
  • Auto checks for presence of a tag and upload ID need no command
  • Contactless operating frequency 13.56 MHz
  • Supports ISO14443A /MIFARE® ,Mifare® Classic1K,Mifare® Classic 4K
  • TTL RS232 Interface, baud rate 19200bps 
  • Fast data transfer Contactless communication up to 106KHz
  • Secure Encrypted contactless communication
  • Ideal for money, secure access and fast data collection applications
  • Typical Operating Distance: 0 – 60 mm
  • Operating Voltage :DC 3.0-5.5V
  • Watchdog timer
  • 1 LED indicator, 3 I/O pins for external use
  • 512 bytes EEPROM
  • Unique serial number on each device
  • Size: 58mm × 35mm × 6mm
  • Weight: 10g


YHY502 MIFARE-RFID Read-Write Module,YHY502,RFID