B3 AC Compact Balance Charger 2S-3S

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B3 AC Compact Charger is a simple and compact LiPoly balance charger for 2~3s batteries. It features built-in JST-XH balance plug ports and 3 LEDs to indicate charge status. B3AC makes an ideal pocket-sized charger to keep in your field box.This is a great lipo battery charger. Perfect to charge quadcopter/ rc plane lipo batteries. It can balance charge 2S and 3S Batteries. It takes input power from 240V AC Mains socket.This charger can be used to charge all our 2S and 3S LiPo Batteries.


  • LED Indicators
  • Input voltage: AC 110V-240V
  • Balance charge current: 850mA
  • Display: LED for Status Indication
  • Case: Plastic
  • Max charge power:10W
  • Can charge a 2~3 series LiPo battery


B3 AC Compact Balance Charger 2S-3S, LIPO BATTERY CHARGER B3


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