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Safety essentials for robotics experiments

Safety essentials for robotics experiments

Since Robotics is the booming sector, it is capable of bringing in a luring amount of cost savings at the enterprise level. As a result, a lot of robotics experiments are undergoing in robotics labs throughout the most prominent robotics incubators worldwide.

 The first thing to be ensured while conducting a robotics experiment is the environment in which it is going to be installed. There must be proper failsafe measures integrated against explosions, environmental dust and water splashes (an IP54-equivalent structure). Another possible set of hazards which also needs protection against are:

-Flammable gases or liquids

-Any metal shavings from metal processing

-Any acidic, alkaline or other corrosive material        

-Any source of electrical noise such as large-sized inverters, high output/high frequency transmitters, large contactors, welders etc.

Mist is another major hazard against which proper precautions should be employed by way of using an optional protective box over the robot controller in a mist-laden environment.

In case of any breakdown in the robot, there must also be a dedicated service area where maintenance work could be carried out over the robot in a distraction-free environment.

The robot controller (along with teach pendant and mini-pendant) should be installed outside the Robot’s restricted space, so as to ensure the robot can be easily monitored and controlled from a safe distance in the event of an accident.

Gauges (such as pressure and oil) are another aspect of safety for robotics in Kochi that is paid high weightage while finalising the experiment safety design plan. Necessary measures to protect electrical wiring or hydraulic/pneumatic piping should also be deployed just in case there may be some damaged section in the wire. Proper coverings must be used to guard against such potential hazards.

 The grounding resistance of robotic power supply should also be kept within the range of 100 ohms in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the robotic experiment.

 A safety fence is another highly important safety accessory that should be installed before conducting a robotic experiment, in order to create a necessary safe zone to protect the human capital and other equipment lying in the lab from getting damaged in the wake of an accident.

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