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The Raspberry Pi Zero is released in 2015 and had been truly popular in its own right. The only drawback it had was the absence of an inbuilt Wifi. And now it is all solved, here comes Raspberry Pi Zero W  which has built-in wireless and Bluetooth.

Similar to the other Raspberry Pi versions this one also needs a power supply, input device, mouse/keyboard and screen is required to use this device. But the reason why this is becoming the popular device is due to its low cost and new wireless feature.

Raspberry Pi Zero W comes at the miniature size of 65mm × 30mm × 5mm. It has a 512 MB RAM and an 802.11n wireless LAN. It also has an inbuilt Bluetooth Class 4.0. The best part about this is that the Pi Zero W keeps the same shape, connectors, and mounting holes as the Pi Zero v1.3.

Check out the other specifications of Raspberry Pi Zero W:

1GHz, single-core CPU

Mini-HDMI port

Micro-USB On-The-Go port

Micro-USB power

Hat-compatible 40-pin header

Composite video and reset headers

CSI camera connector

Raspberry Pi Zero W has a variety of uses. Some of the major DIY experiments using Raspberry Pi are listed below:

  1. Powering an Electric Skateboard

Have you ever thought of powering your skateboard for extra mobility and power? Well someone surely did and they took the help of Raspberry Pi to do that. The basic idea of doing this is to hide the Pi Zero underneath the skateboard. The Pi will then power the motor and you can use a Wilmot to control that. It’s pretty absurd, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to use. You can check out this link for more details.

  1. Mobile Library

You can create a digital library with the help of a simple Raspberry Pi Zero W. Want to know how? It’s quite simple, you just have to turn your Raspberry Pi Zero into a Wi-Fi access point so that you and others can share your books, magazines and everything else via the Wi-Fi.

  1. Home Surveillance System

You can create your own home surveillance system using a Raspberry Pi and it will help you save a lot of money.

This system uses a Raspberry Pi, a Raspberry Pi camera module and some housing. Also a few other smaller pieces. With these, we can set up a system that detects motion, broadcast a live stream, and more. The detailed steps for this set up are described here.

These are just a few of the DIY products, you can make many more things using this device. So if you are a DIY or electronics enthusiast then get your hands on a Raspberry Pi fast and get it going. Now you can even buy Raspberry Pi Zero W online with Tomson Electronics.

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