Load Cell 1 Straight Bar (TAL220) Flex / Force
Flex/Force Sensor

Load Cell 1 Straight Bar (TAL220) Flex / Force

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0-100g/ range silver tone aluminum wired weighing load cell, high accuracy, simple structure, easy installation.
Widely used for electronic scales and balance, material scales, jewelry scales and control system.

Product Name Weighing Load Cell
Rated Load 100g /0.22Lb
Ranted Output 1.0 +/-10 %mV/V
Non-Linearity 0.02%F.S.
Hysteresis 0.02%F.S.
Repeatability 0.02%F.S.
Zero Balance +/-2%F.S.
Temp Effect on Zero 0.025%F.S./10C
Temp Effect on Zero Output 0.025%F.S./10C
Creep (30min) 0.03%F.S.
Input Impedance 410+/-30 Ohm
Output Impedance 350+/-3 Ohm
Insulation > 2000 Megohm / 50V DC
Compensated Temperature Range -10C~40C
Operating Temperature Range -20C~60C
Safe Overload 150%F.S.
Ultimate Overload 300%F.S.
Input End Red+, Black-
Output End Blue+, White-
Recommended Excitation 10V
Maximum Excitation 15V