Flex Sensor 2.2”

Flex Sensor 2.2”

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A simple flex sensor 2.2" in length. As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases.The resistance of the flex sensor changes when the metal pads are on the outside of the bend (text on the inside of bend). The connector is 0.1" spaced and breadboard friendly.

These 2.2" Flex Sensors can be easily integrated to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi by making a voltage divider circuit using a 10 K Ohm resistor at any one lead of the sensor. Flexion sensors, (from Latin flexure, 'to bend') also called bend sensors, measure the amount of deflection caused by bending the sensor. There are various ways of sensing deflection, from strain-gauges1) to hall-effect sensors2).


Arduino Code


  • Angle Displacement Measurement,
  • Bends and Flexes physically with motion device,
  • Possible Uses.: Robotics, Gaming (Virtual Motion), Computer Peripherals.
  • Simple Construction Specifications: 
  • Flat Resistance: 10K Ohms,
  • Resistance Tolerance: ±30%,
  • Bend Resistance Range: 60K to 110K Ohms,
  • Power Rating: 0.50 Watts continuous. 1 Watt Peak,
  • Temperature Range: -35°C to +80°C.
  • Hysteresis/noise neglectible3).
  • Resistance is function of radius of curvature, not angle at one point.
  • High temperature and humidity-tolerance.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Customizable (coatings, laminating materials).


  • Automotive applications.
  • Industrial applications, e.g. safety switches, shipping, machine control.
  • Medical applications (e.g. “SmartBed”).
  • Gaming devices.
  • Measuring devices.
  • Assistive technology.
  • Robotics (e.g. floor mapping, collision detection).
  • DIY projects.
  • Arduino projects.
  • Raspberry-Pi projects.
  • Electrical/Electronic projects


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