PLUTO - DIY Drone Platform

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Pluto is a DIY Nano-Drone that is easy to build and comes with all the benefits as well! Learn and understand exactly how it works by building it yourself and enjoy the flight!

You can embrace the developer in you as Pluto features the 'Primus V3R' Flight Controller which can be programmed using Cygnus Open Source IDE. All it takes is basic C++ knowledge! So go ahead and rack your brains and you can fly Pluto as if it were your very own creation!

Pluto is crash resistant and makes for a hassle-free flight experience! A beginner can learn how to fly drones without worrying about damaging it and incurring huge losses whenever they crash.

Pluto DIY Drone is available in three colours: Desert Storm, Teal & Black. Package contains the following products


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PLUTO - DIY Drone Platform

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